The tree of openness

Below is a Prezi I made to depict the relationship between creativity and openness in open educational resources (OERs) as described by Weller (2012).

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.31.52.png

On our course we were asked to come up with a list of evaluation criteria for OERs. After discussing suitable criteria in our Moodle forum we came up with the following:

OER Evaluation Criteria

Clarity/comprehensibility of content, Opportunities for deeper learning, Accessibility, Usability, Alignment to standards, Adaptability of content, Relevance of content, Interactivity, Connectivity/linkage, Coherence, Originality, Content quality, Up-to-date content, Opportunities to contribute, Opportunities for peer critique/correction, Communication, Ease of navigation

In the end I came to the conclusion that any tools that allow you to aggregate resources related to the specific field you are interested in could be used as an OER. One example is Pinterest.

Pinterest as an OER

Clarity/comprehensibility of content

Content is clearly displayed, often as info graphics

Opportunities for deeper learning

You can learn about anything and find suggested connected ideas, as content can come from anywhere you can collect and mix up ideas.


You need to create an account if you want to save your searches, but this is free.

Alignment to standards, Adaptability of content, Relevance of content

You can search for the levels and age groups you want by adding key words. So you can align to the standards you want and find relevant content.


You can create your own boards and remix content, add your own…


You can connect with others by inviting collaborators to your boards via a social network.


Coherence is created by the way you group ideas

Originality, Content quality

Quality and originality is mixed but you can add or delete as you wish

up-to-date content

Content is always being updated

Opportunity to contribute, Opportunity for peer critique/correction, Communication

Anyone can contribute as content is sourced from the web.

When each pin is selected a comments feed pops up at the bottom, after this you can chosse to visit the original site

Ease of navigation

Very easy to use and navigate.



Weller, M. (2012) The openness-creativity cycle in education-A Perspective JIME