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What is this blog?

This blog is for people interested in digital technologies for language learning.
cropped-dscn3254.jpgIt started as a record of my experience on an MA in digital technologies for language teaching at the University of Nottingham and then moves on to how this learning affects my teaching practice.

On the main page you will find my latest posts. However, at the top of the screen you can click on the menus for for specialist interests.

Update 2016:

For this part of the year Oct 2016 I will be focussing on research methods and game based learning. Therefore, I will be posting on these two themes for the moment.

Update 2017:

I passed my MA with distinction on all the assignments and the dissertation. After graduation, I will share my research here.

Update 2018:

Still recovering from the MA, I think… I’m now training as a CELTA trainer and keeping a record on this blog.


2 thoughts on “What is this blog?

  1. Hi John, wanted to leave a comment about SL on your identity and virtual worlds bit. A few years ago the BC did a huge push getting people to join up to SL…not sure what happened or for how long but then it went quiet.
    I like you in Small worlds but the very thought of it makes me anxious – as a potential user, not as a teacher! My affective filter is already high and I haven’t signed up to it yet!!! And prob never will 😉


    1. SL and SmallWorlds are still not ideal but there is a lot of potential there. Perhaps it is more relevant to online/distance courses than F2F contexts. I will hopefully have a chance to look into virtual worlds when I start the next module, I’ll keep you updated:)


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