Here are some thoughts on my rationale for using technology with my students

Student profile

I teach a variety of ages and levels but here I would like to focus on Adult learners at B2.2 to C2.2 level. All of my teaching is currently face to face with an element of blended learning or flipped learning. This was driven by several factors which I will now outline:


Textbooks offer bland neutral topics which are not always relevant to the learners. By getting the students to find their own real-world material from online newspapers and bring them to class, learners are generally more engaged and motivated.

Lack of life experience

Most of my advanced students are aged between 18 to 25 and are interested in preparing for CAE or CPE. In these exams students need to understand and discuss complex issues related to a wide range of subjects. However, due to their age they often lack the knowledge and experience required. To aid my students I ask them to research a topic and related language before we study it in class, using and other online resources.

Speaking skills

Another area technology has enhanced learning in my classroom is in developing speaking skills for Cambridge exams. The majority of my students find it difficult to complete extended speaking tasks. Asking students to record themselves on their mobile phones, helps them notice and reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses.

Writing skills

Students also express difficulty with writing at high levels and find it difficult to see progress. At the same time, I do not have time to constantly correct writing for all my classes. I get students to complete writing tasks from the FloJoe website and post them to each other for peer review and correction. In this way, students are given the opportunity to develop their writing between more formally assessed tasks.