This is my reflective blog which I assume will help me and my tutor to track my progress throughout the core module of Digital Technologies for Language Teaching. It is also a place for me to note down ideas and questions that come up as a result of my reading and experience.


In the first module I expect to gain a better understanding of how current digital technologies (web 2.0 tools) can be used to support language learning in class and online. I also expect to have the opportunity to implement what I have learned in my classes and reflect on their effectiveness. Finally, I intend to engage in discussion forums and online group/pair activities with my peers, thus learning experientially.

My contribution

As mentioned above, I am very excited about the level of interaction Web 2.0 tools provide and I will try to keep actively engaged in class content. I do have some experience with technology in class and I hope I can use this to aid other learners on the course.


My main concern is managing my time and maintaining motivation when work starts to kick in in October. I am also worried about the amount of reading we will need to do and the amount of time reading from screens. I currently do not need glasses but I do experience eye strain. I have therefore been looking into ways to alleviate this, such as inverting screen colours and zooming in on text.


I am hoping to put aside three hours a day in the morning, five days a week for my studies initially and then see how it goes. I do not work on Mondays so I might end up doing the bulk of the work on this day.

Integration with my professional and private life

I will try to integrate my studies with my professional life by using web 2.0 tools with my classes and getting feedback from them. I also hope to conduct one training session about digital technologies with my colleagues and collect data from them on their use of technology. This will help me to consolidate what I have studied and fulfil some of my obligations to my school due to part-funding for this course. As for my private life I will try to contain my studies within my suggested schedule and avoid talking about it all the time…